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Modules was formed through the combination and talents of 3 industry leaders each with extensive commercial and residential construction experience or equivalent of over 25 years.  The result of this partnership is a meld of residential and commercial modular units creatively crafted with incredible attention to detail in every aspect of style, efficiency, all while leaving a tiny footprint of energy saving and eco responsible impact. Every ounce of energy is considered and all unnecessary waste expelled. 

Our Story


Our name is simple and to the point.  We build Modules of all types.  If you need a plan or idea we can help.  Call us today and lets discuss what type of modular unit you’d like to have us build for you!

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Are you looking for the best modular home builder & tiny home manufacturer who can effectively plan, prepare and complete your build with exceptional attention to detail and within an amazingly short amount of time?

There are many steps to the process of permitting, surveying and construction.  We handle it all and anything within our control is handled expeditiously.  You will experience the highest degree of professionalism right from the moment of us first meeting to the delivering the keys to your beautiful modular home or retail sales site.  A stress-free experience is our aim in an otherwise complicated multi-step process.

Modules – Modular Tiny Home Builder in Utah, Retail Module Pod Builder

Permits & Surveys

Modules handles the on-site surveys which determine the how your Modular unit can be placed on your property. We would then discuss with you the next steps, procedures, costs, and other important factors and timelines that need to be accomplished to get the project done. This ensures that paperwork and necessary items are completed per the guidelines of the city, county, and state. It takes 3 months approximately for us to be ready to place your modular unit from start to finish.

Modules – Modular Tiny Home Builder in Utah, Retail Module Pod Builder


After the necessary permits and city and state approval, we start with the groundwork of installing the foundation, supply of water, and sewer. These items can take roughly 2-3 months depending on the location and difficulty of the install.

Modules – Modular Tiny Home Builder in Utah, Retail Module Pod Builder

Completion Timeline

We ensure 100% satisfaction. Fom preparing the module in our factory in Salt Lake City Utah, then using a crane for carefully installing the unit on site, our experienced team will deliver on time and to your exact specifications. From start to finish, every city and state is different but expect 4-6 months from order to installation.

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Modules, LLC 2256 S. Lester St.
West Valley City,
UT 84128

(801) 252-6229